Starting from Scratch

About a month ago we decided to start the supper club. I say we because though I will be the resident chef, I needed to recruit the assistance of my charming husband George. Someone to look after our diners and to help make desserts.

I love to cook. And I mean I LOVE to cook! I cook five to six nights a week, as a result George and I are seasoned dinner party hosts. According to our friends at least the food is always delectable.

I’ve been wanting to do more with food and I wasn’t sure what. I like my job and I wasn’t keen on the idea of becoming a professional chef, at least not yet. A few friends spoke to me about supper clubs and generally encouraged me to take a step towards doing something with food. I decided in the end a supper club was the best way to start.

So now we’re on a journey, an experiment if you will. Our first dinner with be in February and I am both very excited and extremely anxious. I want everything, especially the food, to be perfect. I hope we’ll make a few friends, satisfy some appetites and spread the word about Portuguese food.

See you soon,


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