Diana is our resident chef. She creates the menus, sources ingredients, preps and cooks all edibles. French, Italian, and of course Portuguese cuisine are her favourite types, though she is partial to great British Gastropubs. Diana is a little obsessed with olive oil and serving hot food on hot plates.


George looks after you, as front of house, maî·tre d’, and waiter. He ensures that Diana can focus on the focal point of the evening, your food. But not to worry, you will of course meet the lovely chef, the kitchen is open plan, parallel to the dining table. George is also our patisserie chef and prepares many of our desserts.


gatsbygatsbyGatsby, in his role as our resident feline furball, will generously bless you with his indifference,but it is more likely he’ll be out patrolling the neighbourhood. If you have a cat hair allergy and wish to enjoy Bom Garfo dining, please prepare appropriately and join at your own risk. The flat is cleaned every week so there is never an excessive amount of cat hair. Gatsby does not jump on counter-tops or tables. He has no interest in doing so and is not allowed to do so anyways.